Artist Statement


I can assure you that as you read this, wherever I am, I would rather be beach combing. I would rather be marooned by a deserted campsite along the coast with a sketchbook and too many crayola twistable colored pencils.


I often tell my art students that whatever keeps you running into the studio after a 12 hour shift working retail in December, whatever illogical doodle has repeatedly preyed upon your sketchbook, whatever keeps you painting until 3:00 am (and unaware that you are grossly dehydrated and Spotify has started sneaking in Christian Rock) is what will destroy your life in the best way possible. As an artist, that is the bottom of your ocean represented on a surface.


As for myself it is rainstorms and Martians and oceans. It is chimeras or sea monsters and mermaids.


Assigning a form to the unknown is not a new practice, it is a primal compulsion. It has been my experience that depicting a difficult concept or emotion will result in fantastical enigmatic symbolism open to interpretation.


The art of daydreaming is a professional pursuit in my studio, and I’ve developed a nonsensical methodology to paint the nonsensical. Only my students  get the full force of my wild enthusiasm whenever I attempt a demo as I have discovered that teaching is almost as wonderful as painting.


And painting is almost as wonderful as camping on the beach.




Artist Bio


Alyssa Blessing DeVille, native to Southern California, spent her entire childhood in the  beautiful city of Claremont. Excelling in art at an early age pushed her further north to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in illustration at California College of Art, San Francisco. In her last year of undergrad she unfortunately discovered large scale, indirect oil painting and heartlessly abandoned her dream of working for Pixar to explore personal themes of an enigmatic nature. Under the mentorship of several world renowned illustrators, she graduated top in her class with numerous academic awards and promptly moved across the country to obtain her Masters at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Within the first two weeks of her new life she met her now husband, Sterling Shaw, a phenomenal Philadelphian artist, who helped her navigate the rocky transition from illustrator to fine artist.


Alyssa has exhibited work at The Society of Illustrators in New York, The Jonathan Levine Projects in New Jersey, and Philadelphia’s own Gross McCleaf gallery to name a few. Her paintings have been privately collected and commissioned by numerous patrons across the United States.

Alyssa resides in south Philadelphia with her husband and 1.5 year old  son, Odilon, along with their two cats Talia and Easel. In addition to maintaining a studio practice and discovering the joys/horrors of motherhood Alyssa is an adjunct professor at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in Lancaster and teaching assistant for children and young adults with special needs at Main Line Art Center in Haverford.

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